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Objective: To understand how to create peace of mind and transform fear into creativity.

Character A: Worth = Tough Love

Worth is pretty confident that if we have divinity inside of us than we can understand it by observing our own simple self-repeating ability to consciously choose. 


Let's begin by laying our foundation.

  1. If we are going to understand how to create peace of mind than we have to define what we are making.

  2. In order to define what we are making we have to fit peace of mind within the context of reality. Since our minds are at the center of our reality, we must begin there.  

  3. Being at the center of my existence, what do I know to be absolutely true?

    1. Now is all that exists.

      1. 1 pm happens now. 2 pm happens now. 3 pm happens now. I literally can’t escape right now. It’s eternally now forever.

    2. The only constant from my point of view is change

      1. My heart is always beating. My breath is always breathing. My mind is always moving. I think we get the idea - change is constant.

      2. Without the stillness of now, the illusion of time would not exist. Time or the measurment of change does not exist without the relative backdrop of stillness.

        1. Form moves through space

        2. Heads and tails exist on the same coin.

        3. Ying and Yang

    3. Can you think of any other absolute truths without zooming in on change? Besides the fact that we exist.

  4. Using these three ideas our simple defination of Peace of mind is being comfortable right now in the middle of constant change.

  5. Based on this definition and the knowledge that there are two states of emotion that all other emotion are built on top of we can also define love and fear. We know our hearts are always beating with more love or more fear.  Coherence or incoherence. We'll see this in a ted later. so…

    1. Love is defined as being comfortable right now in the middle of constant change

      1. Love and comfort are a natural expression of Peace.

    2. Fear is defined as being uncomfortable right now in the middle of constant change.

      1. It’s reactionary. It’s an automatic response to change. It’s fight, flight, freeze. It’s our subconscious working for us. It’s unconscious. So…

  6. If we want to create peace of mind we have to transform the unconscious part of our mind that has learned to be uncomfortable into comfort, into consciousness. We have to grow conscious. We are left with 2 questions.

    1. How do we grow conscious?

    2. Why is it so difficult?


OK, this is our foundation. Does it make sense? Now, in order to answer our first question - How do we grow conscious? - we'll need an internal tool. Part two will outline the qualities of awareness to see if we can discover transformation there.



Know your Worth

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