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Thank you Byron Katie for showing me how to live without my story


And so, I present to you all, this, a collection of all that I've learned.


Because in order to discover where our worth is, we have to discover our depth and depth is created with angles.


This is my angle.


The way I've come to see how to transform fear into peace and creativity.


But really, it's just a grand thank you note to all the angels that came before me.



Thank you Bruce Lipton for showing me that evolution is something much more than chance and competition


Thank you Eckart Tolle for show me how to recognize my ego

Thank you Heart Math for showing me that when we choose joy we gain access to our highest capacity for thinking

Thank you PHD Brene Brown for showing me that worth is located in our vulnerability

Thank you Robert Scheinfeld, the creator of Busting Loose, for teaching me how to choose abundance. 

I want to Thank my Mother, Father, Friends and other Family for supporting me along the way so I can here and now and say these words

The truth of the matter is Peace on Planet Earth will not come until every individual chooses it for themselves first

Anchor 1
"Because an error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it." Now, with what Ea said, our time has been resurrected.
At once our intro is complete.
Twice time will repeat before our conscious poem ends and on the second our creative wake will begin to help our minds mend.
The eclispe will transform our four into something more 
and we'll begin to see colors of Brunch we've never seen before.
Then 4 will become the 8
which make our full circle great
and inspire time to begin again

Stories! Books! Webpages for the ages! Call the COOKS we're about to bake a poetry cake to break  ourselves out of our egoic CAGES!

Our first layer of FLAVOR, Byron Katie, is here to QUESTION the fiction of  our mental diction! She's discovered that suffering comes from believing thoughts that resemble FANATIC RELIGION!



Then, our second tuna in the barrel, Bruce Lipton, confesses the benefits of a fractalized addiction - where strangely - we can understand our mental fiction diction  by combining BELIEF with Cells and PITRI








And just when you think love is about to enter the equation we meet a spiritual man named Eckart Tolle who barely uses the word at all! It's ok, he has another role to play - describing our ego - so we can understand our minds like the lost NEEDLE knows HAY!


OH, so GLORIOUS  to behold, we've finally come to the sample that will blow the top of your Grand Dad who's resting on your Mom's mantel! Using the sway of the scientific way Heart Math demonstrates how consciousness can brighten our day!





 Quickly now, we have to bow to the women who'd probably make the best President,

Brene Brown, who used her unique focus to research- story-tell her way into fame by connectiong WORTH  VULNERABILIY, and SHAME!

Now we're moving fast out of the dark  and as we crack our eyes past the rich flavor of chocolate mud we come to our first layer of  lotus flowered frosting of love!

Robert Scheinfeld is his  name and he busts us loose like a kid cracking candy out of an easter egg!


 Oh baby, we're almost there, we've made it to the list of folks who'd best be described as the people and creations our author wishes to thank the most! 

 Webpages, Books, Vidiography for the ages! Just when you think we're coming to the end we've finally made it to the main poetic

inspiration Prince Ea - who cracks ice with a rhythm that wields worth as it's knife!

"Because an error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it"

and with that purposeful punctuation we're

RESURRECTED! Let's RING the bells, CRACK the whip and SHOUT into the rafters!






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