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...and our ability to choose to let our emotions pass like an Eclipse.

Eager to learn why the process he describes worked so well, Brunch called 
 on his friends Logic, Enthusiasm, Worth and Possibility to help him study his mind from the inside out.
Together they made the following presentation as an explanation for what they learned.  
You can choose to experience their explanation two ways. 
To watch in reverse scroll down and follow one arrow to the next zigzagging down from more color to less.
To read our outline forward climb up the letters A, B, and C following one text to the next.
Both paths will finish with possibility where the ending will commence.
Worth recommends watching the brightest color first. Logic is his name and he’s been assigned directions.
Just so you know, the videos are meant to be viewed inside a small box; things might become blurry before they get dark and not to worry, our path toward color will become very clear after possibility describes the best way to imagine fear.

When you start suffering,

place your attention at your heart

have gratitude for your negative emotions

while letting your breath be the wind that blows them

if you do that over and over again,

you’ll be able to consciously reclaim your natural state of joyful abundance  

and discover that that process I describe

over and over and again

is like a magician’s dance

that transforms negative emotion into

creativity explosions

Choose Enthusiasm 


Experience how our tool works

Logic written by Story 


Is it true? Can we abosolutely know its true?


the only way any individual can change the world is if they change their own life first

and since everyone has to have there own revelation

of what they are capable of

art is the best way we can transmit the equation

 so make art by organizing your light into packets

that create inspiration.

If enough of us share that

then joy will turn into the only virus that made the world laugh and if you’re feeling 'in your spirit' now

use the internet

and share this loving infection.

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