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Stillness, internal space or consciousness is the experience of self-awareness becoming aware of itself. Side effects include giggling, feeling eternal, and a profound sense of peace. It is the experience opposite thought. It is the experience that observes thought. It is the watcher of all things. The problem is: thought is an internal experience of form while consciousness (being the opposite) is no form. 

These are two completely separate internal experiences each with there own unique qualities. The most important part about this relationship between thought and conscious is the confusion that comes from of using thoughts to explain consciousness. Using thoughts to explain consciousness to me, is like using green apples to explain the experience of a banana. All you can really do is make a pointer. And, unless you've already experienced a banana before you probably aren't going to 'get it'. The good news is - we're all alive so we all have a frame of reference to 'get it' regardless of our culture, color, class or creed.

This story is like a big pointer. It contains a lot of thoughts pointing toward what is possible when we understand the qualities of consciouness.

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