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The Peaceful Poet Experience 

Why is Mental Illness so difficult to Solve? A conversation with the Author:  

The best way I know to explain this is by understanding the difference between knowledge gained from story (as a moral) and knowledge gained from the scientific method (as fact). Knowledge gained from a moral is knowledge that explains internal experience.  Knowledge gained from the scientific method is knowledge that explains what we can all see externally. Mental Illness is a problem central to internal experience so it is very tricky for science to see. This is an obvious conflict that nobody seems to acknowledge and why fiction is important. Fiction can create a practical reflection of the solution very quickly in the form of a story. The fiction I’ve written to grow out of my own crisis can be consumed in an hour. The videos take longer to watch but you don’t have to watch them to get the moral. That’s important to know. The videos are there so you can see the trail I followed in order to find clarity in the face of confusion.

Humans created the scientific method not the other way around so objectivity is something that is internal to our being and inherent. Before the scientific method was ever formally written down humans still had the ability to see what is in front of them clearly. As the US constitution says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” From my point of view, the scientific method has been written down as additional proof that objectivity exists outside of dogma and for good reason. In medieval times people who described the external universe accurately were often burned at the stake.


Now though, something very interesting is happening. The scientific method of discerning objectivity has speed up the world. We’ve gone from horse to automobile, airplane, and now internet in 100 years. The combination of the internet with the massive amount of information discovered by science has left the public confused. From an international relations point of view: How is Putin undermining the USA? He’s working under the cover of too much information and preying on people who are afraid and confused. If you are a scientist who is passionate about preventing dogma this is ironic. The method we have for creating objectivity has produced so much information that we are now losing our ability to collectively know what is true and what isn’t. Right now, Politicians are not winning elections because they see the world clearly, they are winning elections by collecting votes from people who cannot.

I don’t know if you are paying attention to the school shooting that recently happened in Florida but the testimony from the adults that had given the shooter a place to live is striking. They we’re clueless. They were completely blind. This fiction is designed  to impart what it’s like to fall into madness while being self-aware that nobody can see what’s happening to you let alone help. The question isn’t whether or not you should click through the rest of this site, the question is: what would you make to save your own life if you knew you were going insane and nobody could tell? That’s what this is about. It’s my own experience of falling into insanity reflected back into the words that saved my life. It’s intense but it’s really clear. The solution is here and it’s the moral of a story. 

Click here if you'd like to check it out. It begins with a bit more context. 

Is it possible to discover objectivity without Science?

Why should I read the fiction portion of this website? 

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