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Welcome to the Peaceful Poet


This experience is designed like a book, it has a beginning and an end and it’s like traveling through another human’s mind. But because the internet gives us infinite possibility for creativity, I’m using many different mediums to create a new experience, modeling life; so, I left a wake in the middle and I’m going to spiral it through time.


The purpose is to share with the world everything I’ve learned about how to create peace of mind  but more specifically, it's about transforming fear into creativity.


I have a simple liberal arts degree. In liberal arts in order to prove that you’ve learned something new you have to be able to write what you’ve learned back down in your own way as a means to add more to the conversation. Except, Liberal Arts has a tendency to leave love out of there equation. It’s important because when you understand something so well that you begin to truly love it, your voice will turn into song.    


And so, in reverse order, I give you everything that I know, but since I never learned how to play an instrument, this Ballad is set to the rhythm of one long stream of consciousness split into a trinity just for fun. Then in plain language I’ve written an outline for a presentation and finally I’ll introduce the resources that we’re most important for my understanding. The thing is, everyone has to have there own revelation, and with every new revelation comes a unique expression.

The Peaceful Poet is mine.




 I’ve never written a poem that beats to the rhythm of my soul before

But that’s the point of life isn’t it?

To leap and expand into something more.


This is a message for all people,

all people who have

anxiety and believe it will never leave  

for the depressed whose past has cast a shadow so great that they’ve grown deaf to their souls dance,

This for all people who carry anger, hate, and jealousy, who want to be



This for all people that have left their country and came home to discover the real meaning of social conditioning

and are interested, above all, in reverse engineering it


This for the people who want to understand

how fear is at the bottom of all negative emotion


I’m here to tell you, that we can. With a little new understanding and the will

to resolve our problems

that we can grow conscious, and dissolve them.   


So afraid of the culture that I was raised,

I left and embarked on a 2600 mile crusade

into and over the mountain

away away away

hoping that I’d find a new way to be.


So now, let me formally introduce myself

my friends call me Brunch,

and that name came to me

as a reflection of this insecurity


“ready crack of”

Brunch - my cousin said to me

as I was the last hiker to leave my tent

blistered, battered, full of fear

but all I could here was

Brunch - “a man missing opportunity”


And with just a pack, I walked on

day after day after day for 139 days

until the end came and I did not recognize myself

I’d become light, I’d become light, I’d become light

with the presence of the moment

growing slowly, diligently, like the stillness of a tree,

I could now see that peace and worth and equality are located inside of me.


Then when I came back to the bay, I brought my glow, ready to participate in society

again but it wasn’t long before I became dimmed by lights of the smartphones that run a brim.

Quickly I was reminded that I had bills to pay

and soon anxiety came from within, and depression too,

a combination that does not leave much room to move.


And as those walls closed on me from within

one question rang through.

How could a man who walked the length of the country be so afraid of the people and culture he was raised?


And so I present to you all this - a collection of all that I’ve learned.

Because in order to discover where our worth is

we have to discover our depth.

And depth is created with angles.

This is my angle, the way i’ve come to see how to transform insanity

into peace and creativity


But really, it’s just a grand thank you, note

to all the angels that came before me


Thank you, Byron Katie for showing me how to live without my story

Thank you, Bruce Lipton for showing me that evolution is something greater than just chance and competition

Thank you, Eckart Tolle for show me how to recognize my ego

Thank you, Heart Math for showing me that when we live our joy we gain access to our highest capacity for thinking  

Thank you, Busting Loose for teaching me how to choose abundance

and I want to thank you my mother, father, friends and other family

for supporting me along the way

to become comfortable getting here and now

to say these words.


The truth of the matter is that peace on planet earth will not come until every individual, chooses it for themselves, first.

And, that the real problem is not that 1% of the population own the majority of the wealth, it’s the fact that the majority of the population think that wealth is found in things, jobs, and notches on our belt.


As long as this influence of money pulls on our strings of fear and we continue to believe that our worth is located outside of here, than we will never have peace on planet earth

because the truth is,  peace and worth and equality are found inside of me, you and everyone else.


As a result, the most important conscious choice we all will ever make

will be to learn, to choose, to find our joy - now.


And if this is something that you think is worth learning, sit up and get ready for the elation of revelation because I’m about to break it all down




Let’s begin by imagining that two men begin to race

and in the midst of their physical exertion

they have to face

the limits of what they “think” they are capable of

and in that moment,  

like an eclipse the shadow of there mind passes in front, suffering begins, until they

see to the other side, where they run on

seeing themselves, different in the now, capable of achieving more than at any other time before.

Growth, progress, innovation all different kinds of self-transformation - a new self awareness is born.


So my angulation is - is evolution sourced from competition or is it the eclipse that creates new awareness? Because, for me, the common definition that I evolve through chance and competition feels incomplete.


If math is the most detailed language that we have to describe the universe, than geometry is its grammar

and like a hammer our revelations come

when we see the fractalized beauty

that is the structure of our reality


because a fractal is defined as an iteration that repeats, discovering more in itself each time

like one cell turns to two and two to four and four to eight and eight into 16 trillion

individual intelligences, life that exists, capable of its own independence

except it doesn’t live on its own, it connects and creates the pattern that forms you, me, every tree and everything else in co-existence.  


Is evolution sourced from competition or is it the eclipse that creates new awareness?


Please, do not digress into black and white thinking, because i'm not saying that competition doesn’t cultivate an environment for new thinking - my best analogy is team sport

where the best teams, are the ones that create the greatest harmony

  where everyday, like family, they connect,

choosing to see more within each other,

each time they step on the court.


Are you starting to see what I mean? The fractalized beauty? The pattern that keeps repeating?

Did you know that black holes give off a note? A note, a self repeating prophecy, rings through our universe warming it enough for stars to be born! and form a spiral! and since we know that gravity is the shape of space, and that space is infinitely dense, than maybe the masse we see as our mandelbrot reality is just a floating looking glass, reflecting back what we collectively believe.


Is evolution sourced from competition or is it the eclipse of suffering that creates new awareness?


I’m going to get personal because the only religion that I subscribe is that I am alive and self aware, and because I’m alive and self-aware than everything there is to know about life and god, can discovered there. What I’m really doing is searching for is a pattern to build stable logic on

because when I recognize that the notes that my heartbeat repeats, that float into space and form my being, and other people's perception of me than I also have the opportunity to inspire stardom.


And since I know that my highest capacities for thinking come with the note of joy

I have a new responsibility

to imagine the possibility of what the world would look like, if the dominant ideology, that competition spurs evolution changed, and we used our awareness to listen for the note that we can individually be when our collective purpose is harmony

Aren’t we supposed to be on the same team?


Is evolution sourced from competition or is it the eclipse that creates new awareness?


And so, what do you think? Like a blink, you might now see this whole thing is just the physical pattern that love makes.    

And if you let it your love revolve back on yourself, first

in your rawest vulnerability, you’ll discover your worth

and then comparisons

stop becoming important,

and the idea that we have to compete to survive,

well, it just so happens that love resolves that too

by dissolving it.   


But I digress, this is about peace of mind and if I we're to be so bold to give the whole world advice I'd say this.  




Be creative everyday for the rest of your life.


Because you are either growing or you're dying

You are either conscious or your not

You are either creating or your not


and when you are creating you are growing conscious, so that if you run into the walls of negative emotion created by your ego you’ll eventually, creatively, teach yourself how to dissolve them

but I have to say, if you are like me, and became afraid, conditioned to think that creativity is only intrinsically given to a select few, than I have news,

every human being has a song worth singing.

and your song is unique only to you.


and if you can’t hear yours now then it’s only just through the cloud of negative emotion thats poisoning your thoughts with a rhythm that creates incoherent notions.


We can break ourselves out of that story, because emotions are like storm clouds, if you stay present, choosing not to get swept away,

in time, with gratitude, they will be burned up by your awareness, the light that shines

and that cathartic feeling that is so relieving, is like water washing away the weeds, creating new space for you to consciously choose to make that energy

now transformed

into a new form,  with the expression of Joy.


and see if we apply this process,

one fearful emotion at a time,

we will dissolve the walls of our ego, and free ourselves from our fear based mind

and begin our joyful dance to the rhythm of our soul

and again collectively feel whole.


And so, for my grand finale, let’s light up our minds

one more time

with the simplicity of divinity’s fireworks show

when you start suffering,

place your attention at your heart

have gratitude for your negative emotions

while letting your breath be the wind that blows them,

if you do that over and over again,

you’ll be able to consciously reclaim your natural state of joyful abundance  

and discover that that process I describe over and over and again

is like a magician’s dance

that transforms negative emotion into

creativity explosions

that find more in themselves

each time consciousness streams a new show

through your mind’s eye

and frankly,

I can’t wait to see what you, me and everyone else will make,

when these ideas become internalized.


Remember, the only way any individual can change the world

is if they change their own life, first

and since everyone has to have there own revelation

art is the best way we can transmit the equation

and so please, make art by

organizing your light into packets, that create inspiration.

if enough of us share that

then joy will become the only virus that made the world laugh ,

and if you’re feeling “in spirit”, now

use social media

and share this loving infection


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