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The Peaceful Poet Experience 

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"Why is mental illness such a difficult problem to solve?"

I think the best place to start, if you genuinely want to understand how to solve mental illness, is by acknowledging the difference between knowledge gained from story as a moral and knowledge gained from the scientific method as fact. Knowledge gained from a moral is knowledge that explains internal experience.  Knowledge gained from the scientific method is knowledge that explains what we can all observe externally.  Mental Illness exists as a problem experienced internally so it is very tricky for science to see. This is why fiction is important. From my point of view, a story can become a practical reflection for the solution very quickly.  The fiction I’ve written to grow out of my own crisis can be consumed in a few hours and it doesn't require a formal education to understand.  The videos take longer to watch but you don’t have to watch them to get the moral. That’s important to know. The videos are there so you can see the trail I followed to find clarity in the face of confusion. They are also there to demonstrate the intensity of what it's like to live inside of a mind gone mad. It depends upon which ones you choose to watch. They are all high quality.  

"How is it possible to discover an objective solution without science?"

Humans created the scientific method - not the other way around - so objectivity is something that is internal to our being and inherent. The United State's Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” From my point of view, the written scientific method is just more proof that objectivity exists outside of dogma and for good reason; people who loose site of objectivity become disoriented and violent. In medieval times people who described the external universe accurately were often burned at the stake.

It is important to note though that something very interesting is happening in relationship with scientific discovery. The scientific method of discerning objectivity has speed up the world. We’ve gone from horse to automobile, airplane, and now internet in 100 years. The combination of the internet with the massive amount of information discovered by science has left the public confused. From an international relations point of view: How are the Russians undermining the USA? They are working under the cover of too much information and preying on people who are afraid and confused. If you are a Scientist who is passionate about preventing dogma this is ironic. The method we have for proving objectivity has produced so much information  that the general pubic is now losing their ability to collectively know what is true and what isn’t. Right now, Politicians are not winning elections because they see the way forward more clearly, they are winning elections by collecting votes from people who cannot. Isn't it obvious? Maybe not.   

"Who might enjoy this and why?"

If you enjoy fiction the main themes are time travel, creativity, and madness.

If you don't typically enjoy fiction but like reading contemporary essays/blogs on modern politics and scientific discovery than you'll enjoy the beginning. Be careful not to fall in. ;)

If you enjoy thinking about the dimensions of our reality this experience is about our minds relationship with those limits.

If you enjoy contemplating the future, the inner cosmos or the many metaphors of 'god' this is a demonstration of those ideas in relationship with our experience of demensions. 

As an added bonus, if you are looking to understand and/or heal from any category of mental illness this story contains all the information that has helped my family the most.

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