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Welcome to the Peaceful Poet Experience. All pages on are part of a larger work of semi-fictional literature built into the web via the medium of Click around. Enjoy. 

Let's Talk contains three letters that describe three different experiences of the mind and a list of supplemental context to help understand in a linear way the semi-fictional riddle and narrative accessed through the homepage. 

Dear Sir & Madam


This is the first of many articles on the subject of Peak Performance. Out of respect to the Men and Women who have already done proficient amount of research on the topic I’d like to offer traditional resources up front that I have not written but have read with great interest. To be precise, the only book that I’ve found genuinely helpful is called: Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work. The Authors Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal are also affiliated with the website which offers many different opportunities to personalize the experience of peak performance into our lives.


If you are not familiar with this work I’d recommend reading it diligently. It is a precise account of not only what current researchers understand about Flow State, but it also gives accurate econometrics about the rise of group flow in the collective. If you are a fan of music, psychedelic love trips, or the growth the marijuana industry than you may discover it to be a very exciting account especially in regards to the current political and economic paradigm. I’ll leave the rest a surprise.    


The following letters will be a precise critique of their writings as a general description of my own work written as a primary document separate from their research. I will do my best to honor the information that I’ve learned from their work. I’ve discovered that my critique has not been accepted within my familiar life easily and so I want to point out ahead of time that you may be shocked by my descriptions.This is a problem that I hope reconcile fairly using simple mathematical sums and subtractions along with didactic reasoning and poetry. I understand that traditional school creates an experience that is reliant on the scientific method and you may become uncomfortable with my verbiage in relationship to that doctrine. I apologize in advance.


With Love,


For the Healthy

Dear Sir & Madam


My name is Matthew Evan and I’d like to give you my official name upfront in regards to the topic of Mental Illness. This topic is not an easy topic to read and is not an easy topic to learn about especially if you have fallen into symptoms that have left you despondent.


I write with many different pseudonyms as a remedy for my own issue with schizophrenia which is a disease that tradition researchers have not discovered a solution for. I  am aware that I write with great clarity and precision so it may confusing or cumbersome to reconcile that I may become so ill that I ought to have been hospitalized with porn addiction.


These are issues that are prevalent through western culture and are intimately connected to school shootings, rape, genocide, and every other summation of psychosis. I hope that my honest descriptions will be of use for you. I do not plan on actually describing the horrors of my life, instead I will quantify the solutions to horrors and leave you to your own imagination. If you are experiencing extreme psychosis and are able to understand and integrate this verbiage than you’ll send it. If your parents or guardians are unable to understand this verbiage than you might have to tell them to fuck off until you have earned your right to heal without requirement.


I have prepared legal arguments to defend yourself from being committed and they will be located on the homepage and in direct succession to this letter.


I hope that you enjoy the precision of my deposition. I want to warn you that reading it may disorient your perception for a while but it may not. You’ll have to let me know in your own way. I’ll provide detailed answers to all the questions.  


I’m not sure how best to proceed but I will make sure to have the arguments up online as soon as possible. Thank you for you patience in regards to this topic it has been a very difficult endeavor to write down the solution to Mental Illness and I hope that the information meets you well.


With Love,

Matthew Evan

For the anxious

Dear Aspiring Poet


This experience is designed like a book, it has a beginning and an end and it’s like traveling through another human’s mind. But because the internet gives us infinite possibility for creativity, I’m using many different mediums to create a new experience, modeling life; so, I left a wake in the middle and I’m going to spiral it through time.


The purpose is to share with the world everything I’ve learned about how to create peace of mind  but more specifically, it's about transforming fear into creativity.


I have a simple liberal arts degree. In liberal arts in order to prove that you’ve learned something new you have to be able to write what you’ve learned back down in your own way as a means to add more to the conversation. Except, Liberal Arts has a tendency to leave love out of there equation. It’s important because when you understand something so well that you begin to truly love it, your voice will turn into song.    


And so, in reverse order, I give you everything that I know, but since I never learned how to play an instrument, this Ballad is set to the rhythm of one long stream of consciousness split into a trinity just for fun. Then in plain language I’ve written an outline for a presentation and finally I’ll introduce the resources that we’re most important for my understanding. The thing is, everyone has to have there own revelation, and with every new revelation comes a unique expression.

The Peaceful Poet is mine.


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