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I want to talk about “making America great again.”

I want to talk about making every American citizen great again.

After all, America is a summation.


My biggest problem with the Trump administration isn’t really with the Trump administration.

My biggest problem is with the people who wait for somebody else to solve their problems for them.

Liberals and Conservatives alike, can’t you see blind allegiance to a party makes you powerless against change?


Here is the one thing I really want the world to know:

Greatness isn’t given to you by anyone else.

Greatness is something that you create inside of yourself.

We all must learn to stand tall on our own.

And as we rise, we must move with the kind of intention that leaves a wake for others to ride.


We must make our lives.


And stop waiting for other people to make them for us.


Maybe then, the summation of all our parts won’t add up to a man who says he’ll return us to greatness without telling anyone how.

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