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The Quickening: The thing about poetry is:

You don’t know what you’re going to write even as you’re writing it


It’s a flow

An up-welling of words from the deepest part of our soul.

               The prompt of this poem is about the conventional state of mind

                                              Can’t we see our country is drowning in the state of righteousness?

Righteousness being: The act of knowing what to do before we do it

The opposite of a poem


Now, I have something to say

                   A salvation: for all of those willing to change.

                                         A death sentence: for all those who are not.

                                                               The internet has added a new dimension

                                                                                     The state of mind that built our time

                                                                                                               was created in a time that did not know 

 instantaneous information

and communication


And just like the quickening of wind brings about a sea change that disrupts all

Our quickening gives us the power of knowledge to surge forward

and reinvent the new by re-inventing our self


And so, it is not that written poem that will shape our world. The written poem is only a teacher.

Our world will be shaped by the men and women courageous enough to harmonize their soul with that

up-welling so that their life becomes an embodied poem.


Only then will our kind walk into the unknown creating the unimaginable 

at a speed 

that leaves

the state of mind

of the self-righteous


Flip deaper

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