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8. This website is fictional literature designed to explore and explain experiences that can only happen after we transform into a state of liquidity. Click around. Explore. 

9. Consider it like internet street art.

10. I work for tips: Drop a dime or 10,000 into my metaphorical hat if you want. You can find my metaphorical hat at the bottom of the well of souls and other places. Thanks in advance. 

11. For Clarity: A Tip (in this circumstance) is a voluntary payment for goods or services already rendered for free and are most often collected as a result of excellent service, fantastic showmanship, and originality.

Flow State Hack:


1. Assess Flexibility. (Example: try to touch your toes) 

2. Reach your arms forward and your head back so that your thumbs are at eye level. 

3. Rest your thumbs at opposite edges of your vision.

4. Say the entire alphabet in your head and look back and forth from each thumb at the same time.

5. The smoother you can do both at the same time the more liquid you'll become. Can you feel your state change? 

6. Re-assess Flexibility. (Re-do step 1 and notice any differences in how solid you are)

7. Tread Carefully or you'll melt

A Riddle: Is falling sand liquid or solid? 

A Prophecy:

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