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Dear Sir & Madam 

It is with great urgency that I write to you. 

There is a problem I'd like to discuss that I was aware of before I left and have had many thoughts about since I've returned.


It is self-evident that the crisis in our country is moving towards a tipping point. There is some information that I'd like to discuss with you about that tipping point but I cannot do it from the conventional point of view. This is the problem, Sir & Madam. What I have to say to you is not a lesson we can learn from conventional research. This lesson can only be understood as a metaphor learned from having unconventional experience. 

I've anticipated your dismay at learning that I'm advocating for unconventional experience as a solution for our state's troubles. In response, I have prepared a conventional counter argument opposite the telling of a story.  

Which direction you choose to go first is up to you. 

With Love, 


Letter to the Public

A Coded Message 

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