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Melt Method: The practice of Melt method teaches users the experience of recognizing fascia tissue in the body. Fascia Tissue exists around bones and in between our muscles as the experience of space or “What we focus on in our body when we balance.” It is the material that begins to droop and harden as we age as a function of our body compressing. We maximize the function of our fascia tissue when we maximize the efficiency of our bone structure with 3D breathing. Melt method teaches users overtime how to notice gains in 3d breathing efficiency.


If you can’t tell where you are going than you’ll never arrive.  Melt method teaches users what it feels like to go the opposite direction of slow structural collapse that causes pain, mental stress and an inevitable death. Melt is just one method of many that teach us how to experience structural rejuvenation however, it beats other products in its ability to teach gains at a very small margin. Noticing this small margin of gain gives users the power and flexibility to assess a very thorough and intentional transformation regardless of age or mental condition. It is an experience that anyone can receive a lifetime of benefit from by practicing 10 minutes every other day.

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