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Description of Events                          Log Entry #4  

Time of Event: 1 pm         Date: January 22nd, 2015

Filed By: Jim Mcgraw        Purpose: Research and Development

Subject: On the Answer to our Riddle

Regis spent the last week isolated in darkness. He moved back into his old bedroom and leaves only for the bathroom and to gather food. He has expanded his diet to include small amounts of chicken and asparagus. He is drinking a considerable amount of water. Today at 1 pm he came out and handed me a note. The writing is like a child. I weep while I write this update for it is a true sign of progress. I've recorded his words in quotations below. 

          " I see but I cannot explain

             I see but I have no ability to describe

             I cannot speak unless poetry is my scribe


             I must be left alone to my own devices or I will die

             This is the answer I've been trying to find

             I have flipped on the inside & have lost the location of my mind"


This writing is also an assessment of increased dexterity in his hands for there was a time when he could not grasp a pen. 


This Route is Still Being Written

Please stay tuned. In the mean time feel free to explore other routes. Thanks again.

- The Author

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