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"We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident"

If objectivity exists outside of the scientific method as self-evident and the scientific method defines the external world as objective by controlling for internal experience than we must acknowledge that we are able to do the opposite by controlling for external environment by closing our eyes.  In this way we create an experience where we are able to observe and contemplate objectivity internally on our own. Because of the overwhelming experience of individualized thoughts and emotions it quickly becomes apparent that if objectivity exists internally than it will be in relationship with the same architecture that scientists have discovered externally.


Most obvious and difficult to see is the truth that we all have an ability to observe both sides of our objective coin. This ability is described by some to be like having a third eye or more generally as having “imagination”. Learning how to use our internal vision to sift through information in order to discover objectivity is the real challenge and one we all must face in our own way.


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