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By Story

Objective: To understand how to create peace of mind and transform fear into creativity.

Character A: Worth = Tough Love

Worth is pretty confident that if we have divinity inside of us than we can understand it by observing our own simple self-repeating ability to consciously choose. 


Let's begin by laying our foundation.

  1. If we are going to understand how to create peace of mind than we have to define what we are making.

  2. In order to define what we are making we have to fit peace of mind within the context of reality. Since our minds are at the center of our reality, we must begin there.  

  3. Being at the center of my existence, what do I know to be absolutely true?

    1. Now is all that exists.

      1. 1 pm happens now. 2 pm happens now. 3 pm happens now. I literally can’t escape right now. It’s eternally now forever.

    2. The only constant from my point of view is change

      1. My heart is always beating. My breath is always breathing. My mind is always moving. I think we get the idea - change is constant.

      2. Without the stillness of now, the illusion of time would not exist. Time or the measurment of change does not exist without the relative backdrop of stillness.

        1. Form moves through space

        2. Heads and tails exist on the same coin.

        3. Ying and Yang

    3. Can you think of any other absolute truths without zooming in on change? Besides the fact that we exist.

  4. Using these three ideas our simple defination of Peace of mind is being comfortable right now in the middle of constant change.

  5. Based on this definition and the knowledge that there are two states of emotion that all other emotion are built on top of we can also define love and fear. We know our hearts are always beating with more love or more fear.  Coherence or incoherence. We'll see this in a ted later. so…

    1. Love is defined as being comfortable right now in the middle of constant change

      1. Love and comfort are a natural expression of Peace.

    2. Fear is defined as being uncomfortable right now in the middle of constant change.

      1. It’s reactionary. It’s an automatic response to change. It’s fight, flight, freeze. It’s our subconscious working for us. It’s unconscious. So…

  6. If we want to create peace of mind we have to transform the unconscious part of our mind that has learned to be uncomfortable into comfort, into consciousness. We have to grow conscious. We are left with 2 questions.

    1. How do we grow conscious?

    2. Why is it so difficult?


OK, this is our foundation. Does it make sense? Now, in order to answer our first question - How do we grow conscious? - we'll need an internal tool. Part two will outline the qualities of awareness to see if we can discover transformation there.


Sub-objective: How do we grow conscious?

Character C: Enthusiasm = Man is nothing without his tool

If you want to walk 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada or make any other unreasonable badass dream come true, learn how to choose to create enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes the hardest challenges bearable and it’s contagious. It's a practice like yoga. It's not always easy but you sure do feel better afterwards.


If we are going to grow conscious we're going to need a tool. (Note: The words consciousness, awareness and attention are used interchangeably in this outline and performance.)

  1. If emotional discomfort is an expression of fear and an internal experience we will need an internal tool to feel better.

  2. In other words, we are looking for something that already exists inside of us that has the quality to transform. Let’s break down the qualities of our self-awareness to see if we can find transformation there.

    1. Can my awareness fixate on a point/multiple points

      1. Example: Can you fixate your attention on your nose?

        1. Now point your attention at your right big toe at the same time.

    2. Is my awareness expansive?

      1. Can you feel your body in between your nose and big toe?

      2. Can you expand your awareness outside of your body to watch a film?

    3. Can my awareness get lost in things/go on a ride of emotion?

      1. Have you watched a movie lately?

        1. Have you gone on a scary movie ride, lately?

      2. Maybe your best coping skill for life is getting lost in your phone, work,  music. Do you get lost in things because being present is uncomfortable?

      3. Can awareness detach from things that it is not?

        1. If you don’t want to feel scared at the movies you can choose to detach and walk out. Or just detach and sit there with the thought: Why is being afraid entertaining?

          1. Enthusiasm doesn’t understand why we’d want to choose to be afraid.  

    4. Awareness transforms:

      1. Did you know that a conscious being chose to create the movie with the intention to capture your attention and transform your emotional body into a roller coaster of thrill and mystery? 

      2. Let's look at another example. Your nephew timmy is aware that you are walking down the hall blind and  unconscious to his whereabouts so he jumps out and scares you. You transform into a blubbering, screaming idiot for 2 seconds before you take a breath and let go of the false fearful reaction that your subconscious initiates.

        1. If somebody has more awareness of you than you do they can manipulate and transform you. Sometimes we allow this to happen intentionally in order to experience pleasure. Sometimes we don't know it's happening.   The best defense from fear based manipulation is to know yourself better than anyone else. Do you? We can also experience conscious transformation by looking at a concept called...

      3. Stream of Consciousness. Stream of Awareness. I’m doing it right now while I’m transforming this document into an outline. Boom!

        1. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to stream consciousness. The more comfortable you are with being vulnerable, the easier it is to stream consciousness. The more you practice disattaching from your uncomfortable emotion so that it may pass, the easier it becomes to stream joy - which by the way - is the most fun stream to experience.    

  3. Let’s watch somebody transform themselves live with science and put some of these ideas into context. Woo Hoo!




















Now that we have watched somebody use the qualities of awareness to transform themselves with choice we come to our second question: Why is it so difficult to do? In other words, if we can consciously choose joy and gain access to highest capacity for thinking why don't we? This is the question we'll discuss inside letter C. 

Let's experience our tool!
Sub-objective: If we have the ability to choose joy and gain access to highest capacity for thinking why don't we? 

Character C : Logic = Story. The part of our mind that creates logic also creates story. Logic follows directions and doesn’t really think for himself. Because logic is direction oriented we have to check to make sure our logic is pointed in the right direction. If it’s not pointed in the right direction we will eventually suffer when our logical sand castle dissolves.  


Introduction to outline C

If we have the ability to choose joy and gain access to our highest capacity for thinking why don’t we?


In other words, why does the depressed human commit suicide? Why does the anxious human live with belief that they cannot heal? Why is the majority of the population content with a greed fueled financial system? Why does the hate filled terrorist strap a bomb to there body and run into a concert hall? If we live in a free society why aren’t we educated in school to recognize the dangerous effects of fear based propaganda?


At first these questions may not seem linked, it is my hope that through this work we can recognize that these questions are linked and as result so are there solutions.


I encourage you after watching the Byron Katie video below to spend time thinking about these two ideas.


  1. If I am alive and self-aware than everything there is to know about life can be discovered there. In other words, by studying both the qualities of my awareness and the life that it inhabits, I can understand the great problems of our age.

  2. If my external reality has patterns like gravity, lift, and acceleration that I can understand in order to create an airplane than maybe I can understand my internal patterns of fear, love and consciousness to create peace and poetry.


I’d encourage you to continue on your journey of self-exploration by watching as many Byron Katie videos as possible. When the resource section comes around you can find my favorites there. If you’d like to read the patterns that I’ve discovered about my mind, studying fear from the inside out, you’ll discover them below under Outline #3 : Notes Section.

Is it true? Can I absolutely know it's true?

Outline C : Notes Section


This is how I understand fear in my mind.

  1. Fear is defined as being uncomfortable right now because something has changed, is changing or will change.

  2. Fear is created to keep us safe.

  3. Fear is a learned behaviour, which means it can be unlearned. That’s the point of all this if you haven’t caught on yet. From my experience I have not come across any depth of fear inside of myself that I could not transform. Sometimes it takes hours, days and weeks to come through to the other side but even the most primitive and intense fear - which reeks and can take you into the depths of insanity- will pass with space and the practice of detachment and questioning. Fear is as natural as hunger, lust, and excrement. I am far from fearless and have watched a lot of fear pass. Courage is needed, it’s located in your heart and will.

    1. Just so you know, passing emotion and transforming emotion are the same idea.  

  4. Because Fear is learned it becomes a subconscious reaction. Fight, Flight, or Freeze. 

  5. Do you remember how awareness gets lost in things? Anybody who has experienced fight/flight/freeze know that it’s a full body experience that captures our awareness. Recall the little timmy example for basic reference of getting lost in an idea that isn't true.

    1. It begins with a bio-chemical reaction that pumps adrenaline and cortisol into the body. To be afraid is literally to be captured in a body that has learned to react and take control of the situation. If we try to tell somebody to get over there problem, it will only feed the problem. The person caught in an unconscious fear based reaction is not aware in that moment that they are lost in fear. It’s like getting caught in a wave that spirals you out of control and the wave in this case is the movie of our mind. It sucks, but we can grow out of it. First we have to detach our awareness from our minds ride.

      1. Evidence that fear is full body : The depressed human has slouched posture. The anxious human bites their nails.

    2. Because our awareness get’s lost in our minds fear is a powerful tool for manipulation. If you have an animal that is afraid of going hungry you can drag it wherever you want by dangling food in its face. The animals awareness becomes Hunger and Hunger is focused on one idea. The trick to manipulating anyone is to make them think they are ‘hungry’ in some form.

      1. For example, television commercials and politicians often attempt to create a sense of temporary anxiety that can only be cured by voting for/purchasing their particular product. We can look at this formula a little closure.

        1. Somebody gives a presentation of rhetoric that creates a reaction which causes the consumer  to become lost in the reaction.

        2. Engaged the presenter attempts to convince the consumer's mind that they are/have that solution to there new problem.

        3. The presenter than show them what to do to feel better. Buy/Vote or in other words...

          1. America isn’t great. (reaction)

          2. I’m great, look at how great I am. I can make america great again.(I am the solution)  

          3. Vote for me in order to feel better.

          4. rinse/repeat

      2. If we are not careful we can spend our whole life under the spell of fear and not even know it. For example our school system has been using bells to time us since we are old enough to sit in a desk. If we are not on time we are punished.  By the time we are adults we are completely normalized to the idea of getting stuff done on time, so much so, good adults will “take responsibility” for “messing up” after failing to complete their task of making enough money “on time.”

        1. The consequences on the Macro level are severe austerity measures that cripple whole countries economies like we’ve recently seen in Greece. On the micro level the small man is evicted for failing to pay rent. We say “that’s how life is” and that’s not true. “That’s how life is…” is a thought that only exists inside of the mind of man. Thoughts are not life, they are just an expression of life. We get to choose our expression. If you spend 4 months in the woods where time dissolves, this idea of being timed upon returning becomes very disturbing. If that idea makes you uncomfortable breath and dettach.

    3. Fear is the feeling of not having enough. Love is the feeling of being at one with the world. Love is the feeling of being complete. Fear is incomplete. Fear is “things have changed and we’re missing something.”  We must fight for the thought we want to keep or run from the thought that makes us feel small.

      1. Anxiety : worried that we won't have enough when something changes in the future.

      2. Depression : despair. Because we’ll never have enough to solve the problem that’s happened to us.

      3. Anger : Must fight to keep what we'll will lose. “I’m not complete without my teddy bear, I’m angry at you for taking it.”

      4. Fleeing : “I don’t have enough to handle this experience, I’m out.”

      5. Jealousy : “I’m not enough because you're dating a sexy human and I’m not.”

      6. Greed : “I don’t have enough money so I’m going to hoard it, so I’ll always be ok, no matter what happens”

      7. You can do this exercise for all fear based emotions if you’d like.  


With all that said we can define fear another way:

Fear is a learned reaction that captures our awareness. It’s designed to keep us safe by engaging the whole body to begin searching for what’s missing, will be missed or is going missing by either fighting, freezing or fleeing.


The part of our mind that does all the searching is our brains. (Our brains are the gateway and filter for how we experience the world. Our brain’s job is to search our world for patterns that not only keep us safe from danger but also guide us back toward food, water, shelter and sex without us having to do much thinking.) This is our autopilot. This is our ego. Our egos keep track of time with memory and future-projection in order to guide us toward the sweet nectar of pleasure and away from danger of pain. If you are following Bruce Lipton's ideas with me than we can understand our ego as the collective intelligence of every cell in our body. We experience this connection by noticing discomfort in our body and linking it to an idea that's creating it. Posture is a basic example of that.


Do you remember how consciousness has the quality of getting lost in something? Because our awareness has the quality of getting lost in things, and since the majority of human cultures are created out of fear, our ego minds are overdeveloped. The majority of human beings are conditioned with so much fear growing up that their awareness gets completely trapped inside of their heads.This is why meditation is so difficult. Meditation is the practice of detaching from our thoughts. When we believe that we are thoughts, detaching from them is scary (I know, I’ve gone through it.) This is a hard cycle to break because fear captures our awareness. The person who “'can’t meditate' is literally lost in the thought 'I can’t meditate' in the same way we become lost in a movie. Except, since we believe we are thoughts, we don't believe we can dettach like we can with a film. Some human beings believe they are thoughts so much they are willing to die for them (terrorism/patriotism). Suffering happens when one of the thoughts we’ve identified with is no longer true. Grieving is the process of forgiving yourself for believing something that is no longer true.


The problem is not that 1% of the population owns the majority of the wealth. The problem is that the majority of the population thinks that wealth is found in things, jobs and notches on our belts. In other words, as long as the majority of the population thinks they are incomplete without the 'right things or experiences' then they are searching for something. If the majority of the population is searching, than they can be guided and controlled with advertizing or fear based propaganda in the same way that we can train a dog with food. Again, in other words, as long as we believe that our worth is found outside of our ability to choose, the most important choices of our life will be made for us without us knowing there are better possibilities. Democracy thrives when we are all consciously engaged and creating our lives, one conscious creative choice at a time. In this way, we all have to take responsibility for our lives and imagine new possibilities. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying it's worth it.

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