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PeacefulPoet Starring: Brunch


In 2014 I walked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail and earned the trail name Brunch. When I got back from the PCT I fell into severe Manic-Depressive behaviour. The combination of hiking the trail and an extensive amount of research led me to create this website in order to share what I've learned about the interesting marriage between mental health and creativity.


It's both a thank you note to the people who helped me heal and a letter written to my former self.  


It's designed like a book but because the internet allows us to do cool things the beginning is the end and the page numbers in the menu are symbolic of our spiral.   


There is 1 character and 5 alter egos.


Peaceful is the main character and performs the prologue. Peaceful's alter ego Brunch, who is named after my life experience, performs the Poetry.


Worth, Enthusiasm, Logic and Possibility are Brunch's alter egos. They perform the presentation of logic for why the healing process I’ve learned works.


In order to understand the show fully it's best to watch the thank you videos first. Those 7 themes are woven throughout. 


Inspired by reading Kerouac, all of the poetry is written stream of conscious with very little editing and all the videos were filmed in 1 take.


The purpose is to raise awareness and inspire creative change that heals.


Just so you know, I'm still making the website. Please don't be alarmed if things change. I'm updating the site as I go.  






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