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Welcome to the Introduction

Created to begin our discussion about peace and worth.

Once upon a time I decided to come with a small rhyme about the beginning of time which lead me to this blissful kiss of a twist that begins to explain who the character Brunch is.


Brunch was a boy who dreamed a dream that was so big and grand it took him to a new land far far away from his mom and dad.


Cast into the world he whipped and turned flying into and out of cultures so fast that it wasn’t long before he learned that people who had nothing at all were happier than him.


As things go, one thing led to another and it became time to move home where without explanation depression set in.


The pain drove him to leap on a whim and caste away into the wilderness a brim where he’d heard it was the quickest way to understand the sway of the universal way.


The result are the words that have been written on this page, for this is the beginning of the show he made to explain the lesson that happened to him.





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