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PeacefulPoet Starring: Brunch


In 2014 I walked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail and earned the trail name Brunch. When I got back from the PCT I fell into madness and lost my ability to make lines. The experience of being in nature combined with an extensive amount of research led me to create this website in order to share what I've learned about the interesting marriage between mental health and creativity.


It's both a thank you note to the people who helped me heal and a letter written to my former self.  


It's designed like a book. However, since the internet allows us to do cool things the beginning is the end and the page numbers in the menu are symbolic of our spiral.   


If you want to return to the surface you'll have to find the exit

Flap in, Flap out.

The Stars above creativity are linked to stories from the trail. I didn't have to time finish the story the way I originally imagined but you'll be able read more about what happened during that time, by clicking around there. (To be created next)


Just so you know, the website is a continuous work in progress. I'll be adding more tricks, traps and fun things to get lost in over time. Please don't be alarmed if things change or don't function like you'd think. I'm making everything on the fly and part of that has been learning how to let some things die. 





Listen: let me just say this slowly for you. I lost my mind and these are the words that kept me alive. 

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